Creating my own awesome aquatic light and sound show

It’s a balmy Wednesday night and I’m checking the just installed Purple Industries Wi-Fi controlled LED strip lighting and a pair of transom mounted underwater Xtreme 27Watt Purple Industry LEDs, on the Swan river.

As you can see from the attached photo, the underwater lights have such and intense and saturated light spectrum they’re fantastic, even with some late afternoon light around – and they were dead easy and fast to mount.

Creating my own awesome aquatic light and sound show

And with the easy to operate Purple Industries controller App on your smart phone, if you don’t like colour you can change it infinitely, with just the swipe of a finger on your screen. And if you’ve got multiple lights like with this boat, you can colour independently – one green and one white – or whatever colour you want! It’s so easy to change the colour to suit your mood – even your music!

The LED strip light also has the same Wi-Fi connect ability so you can change, dim or pulse the light to a variety of moods, effects, songs or patterns on your smart phone. I took this photo of the light produced in the RIB at night. These later became a dimmed red light, so we could keep the night vision and still see the deck clearly.


Check out the video below we made that night to celebrate this awesome aquatic light and sound show on Perth’s famous Swan River. It also shows the ‘Chameleon’ smart phone control system – unbelievably simple and easy to use.

Over 30 years in the marine industry I can’t remember seeing or experienced anything quite like the Purple Industries lights before. And I’d stake my reputation on their component and build quality – and the pure, brilliant power of the light they deliver time after time again, in the harshest of environments.

If you’re in Perth and want to know and see more, do yourself a favour and call me on +61 499 770733.

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