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30mm (1.25") & 50mm (2") Brackets

Rock Ape Bar Clamps

$55.00$60.00 Exgst

Offers unparalleled strength, reliability and mounting versatility, for your convenience.

  • An extremely adaptable mounting system suitable for all your lights, cameras, antennas and any other pieces of equipment you may have
  • 2 SIZES AVAILABLE  1.25″ (30mm) &   2” (50mm)
  • Brackets are constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminium with a durable, corrosion resistant black powder coat finish
  • Simple to install regardless of the application
  • Unparalleled  strength and reliability
  • 10mm mounting hole
  • All mounting accessories included
  • Rubber protective strips included

We believe that no other mounting clamp available on the market today will provide the flexibility and perfect fit as the Purple Industries ‘ROCK APE-Clamp’ as the over such a wide range of tube diameters and challenging mounting situations.

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