Lighting up The Darkest Forrests

Lighting up The Darkest Forrests

Before heading out on a weekend driving through some of the worlds’ toughest but most majestic country Queensland has to offer, we recently fitted two Purple Industries Xtreme Series 70 watt Driving lights to our 120 series Toyota Prado. The Purple lights have replaced the THREE 75 Watt HID driving lights (2 spot, 1 spread) we’d originally had fitted. I would never have thought 2 lights could outdo 3…. but believe me, they well and truly have! And not just outshone them – totally blitzed them – with the LED upgrade making a phenomenal difference. We were in fact so happy with these new lights we just had to go the whole hog and fit a third. Hey, we had the room so in easily went another Xtreme 70 watt spreader/flood light to the center of the bull bar. Whoa – talk about “let there be light!”

Firstly the ‘instant’ light that the Purple LEDs give is amazing, especially compared to the old HID lights, which had to “warm up” and build their light intensity over time. This alone makes us feel safer whenever we do any night driving – Powerful, reliable light right from the get-go.

The second big plus to the new lights is just how clear they make everything look. We would never have believed it until we put them on. The colour of light the Purple LED’s project at 6000 degrees Kelvin just makes everything easier to see, with sunlight at 6400 Kelvin, the clarity of night vision is outstanding – making everything in our path stand out with those big roos so much easier to spot. What’s more is the LED’s illuminating power is in those twilight hours of dusk and dawn when even the old HIDs seemed to have little brightening effect. With the LEDs the light is just so much more usable and effective.

Lighting up The Darkest Forrests

The walking itself was moderate

On our last trip everyone from the group travelling with us at night commented on how remarkable they were, not just the brightness (which is phenomenal) but how brilliant the beam throw and illumination width was. It just made night driving in challenging terrain and water crossings seem so much safer. The lights are also waterproof to 3 metres with the vision through water incredible – and they’ve got these tricky valves in the lights so when the cold water hits the hot lights there’s no issue with sudden pressure build ups and burst seals and solder joints. Fantastic!  In the end everyone was following us, as we lit the way ahead.

Since then we’ve had family and friends try them out and without exception they’ve all raved about how good they are. Seriously, we just can’t speak highly enough of these Purple LEDs. Their quality is outstanding and they are brilliant value for money. Because they’re virtually indestructible and soooo reliable we probably will never need another one on the Prado (hey, three’s well and truly enough!) but we wouldn’t think twice about investing in more for any future vehicle.

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