LED Outdoor Lighting

Purple Industries supplies the ultimate in high quality LED lights. With an LED range of small yet extremely powerful lights, we have the light to help you.

The LED outdoor lighting is playing an increasingly important role as lighting solutions for the outdoor areas like gardens, decks, balconies, patio, camp sites or harvest fields. It does not only act as a decorative element but also provide safety, security and orientation. There are various options offered by Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting as solutions. Our LED lights are designed to be used with solar and batteries and are are also the perfect solution for your 4wd, camping trailer or caravan. Some lights are available in a very small physical size, starting at around 60mm square making them extremely easy to fit and install in tight spaces.

They are very power efficient and will work on 12 and 24 volt systems. The power draw is next to nothing and the lights will run all night without draining down your battery system. These lights are highly efficient as well as cost effective as they offer energy savings up to 80%. The warm, comfortable bright light offers illumination for special areas that require such lighting. The Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting is characterised by better-quality grade materials offering reliability. The well engineered designs offered by Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting tender great performance and aesthetic style. The LED has reduced manufacturing cost and power consumption. They have increased durability which is the latest in the LED technology making it environment friendly.

The LED outdoor lighting helps in enhancing outdoor safety, night-time aesthetics, security, recreation, accessibility and social event use. They have an incredibly long life, remarkable efficiency and energy savings in comparison to their traditional counterpart. With the stylish high quality and amazing brightness offered by the Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting, you will never be left in the dark. The LED lights become illuminated in just a few milliseconds, much faster than the traditional incandescent lights, eventually offering remarkable brightness. The Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting makes use of the highest quality Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and state-of-the-art technology which guarantees each and every LED fixture produces consistent and naturally bright light. Our LED fixtures are indistinguishable from the traditional fixtures.

Our LED outdoor lighting super efficient and are covered by a one year replacement warranty. It may be your parking area, building entrance or any other area the Purple Industries LED outdoor lighting offers absolute lighting solutions.


LED outdoor lighting

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