Led Lights For Cars

Purple Industries supplies the ultimate in high quality LED lights.

With an LED range of small yet extremely powerful camping lights, we have the light to help you. Our LED lights are designed to be used with solar and batteries and are are also the perfect solution for your 4wd, camping trailer or caravan. Some lights are available in a very small physical size, starting at around 60mm square making them extremely easy to fit and install in tight spaces.

They are very power efficient and will will work on 12 and 24 volt systems. The power draw is next to nothing and the lights will run all night without draining down your battery system.

Automotive led lights are meant for the entire lighting system of a vehicle such as a truck, a motor car or van. They are composed of a variety of lighting and signaling devices which can be integrated at different locations in the vehicle, whether it is at the rear, front, sides or at the top of a vehicle.


Functions of automotive led lighting

The main function of automotive led lights is to give light in dark scenarios so that a driver is in a position or be able to see properly whether he is headed in the wrong or right direction. Another function of automotive led lights is that they enable drivers to see oncoming vehicles better and faster and inform the other drivers of their presence.

Automotive led lights also serve to inform others about the intentions the driver may have with regards to direction and speed. Therefore a pedestrian or the other driver can be able to detect a dangerous situation and be able to come up with ways to avoid it.

Automotive led lights also allow other drivers to see better the size, position and the direction in which the vehicle is travelling. For instance, other drivers will be able to tell that a vehicle is travelling in the opposite direction by looking at its headlights.

Advantages of automotive led lights

Automotive led lights may be a bit expensive, but helps to save a lot of costs at the end of the day. It is sparkly and brilliant and adds a general good look to a vehicle when the lights are laid out in numerous shapes to form an element of a particular style one desires.

With led automotive lighting, drivers are more likely to be spotted from a distance than those who do not have incandescent lighting. They are also able to spot pedestrians both day and night. There is also a new technology of automotive led lighting, which is on even during the day so as to make vehicles visible to other drivers.

Automotive led lighting in vehicles can last for a long period of time whereby once you have installed it you just have to enjoy the lighting. It therefore saves a lot of costs which would have otherwise been avoided by the use of this energy efficient type of lighting. Drivers with automotive led lights will ensure their safety, that of their fellow drivers and the pedestrians at large.

LED lights for cars

LED car lights


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