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The purple industries range of LED driving lights simply excels. Whether it is a set of powerful driving lights or a light pumping ‘Xtreme’ bar light, you are assured of the ultimate quality, designed and tested to the hardest conditions Australia has to offer.

These lights just keep on keeping on. Come check out today Purple Industries full range of LED lights. Deck out your 4wd with a set of powerful Xtreme driving lights and bar lights. Then see our range of general purpose lights for all your auxiliary lighting and camping lights.

We have developed a great range of lights and our website has all the information to make understanding and selection easy. Purple LED lights will meet the most demanding requirements for 4WD and out door recreational activities.

If you are looking for LED lights that will not only improve night driving but will also increase marine visibility, light up landing or camping sites or illuminate the dock or any poorly lit area then Purple Industries LED light bars are a must have. They are used to provide broader, brighter and a wider spectrum of light in the front, behind or on the side of a vehicle. The Purple Industries LED bar light has been designed to be used off-road to match the toughest conditions and the need of any vehicle driver. Not only does it have a long life but also it has a highly efficient light production system in place along with other state-of-the art features.

If you are camping or working on a construction site, then the LED light bars brighten the work site after sunset and improve visibility in the night, on a foggy day, or when it drizzles. The low power consuming LED light bar can be used for any vehicle where high luminosity is a requirement, on the roofs, sun visors, or vehicle grills. The LED light bars have good resistance to dust and water.

The innovatively designed Purple Industries LED bar lights can withstand shocks and vibrations that match any military specifications. They have been designed as per the latest and toughest manufacturing standards. You can benefit from these LED bar lights as they can be fitted in any location anywhere on the vehicle of your choice. You will never again rely on a single bulb when the LED bar lights are in place. The Purple Industries low voltage high quality LED bar lights come with a manufacturer warranty. The Purple Industries has the LED light bars whatever your need may be – just match all your requirements and they will be your premium choice.

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