Frequently Asked Questions

What Personal Information do we collect and how is it used?

We will collect the personal information requested on this Website for the purpose of selling and delivering the Products to you, and the provision of associated information and services. We will only use the information you provide to Us for this purpose and will not provide the information to third parties other than as necessary to provide the Products to you. If you do not provide Purple with the information that We request, We may not be able to provide the Products to you. We will only use your information to market further goods or services to you with your express prior consent. If you do not wish to receive marketing information from Purple, you can notify Us at “

What should I do if I cannot see answers to my Question Here?

Don’t forget your question! Please send an email to us today at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

How do I work out the Amp draw on my light?

The conversion of Watts to Amps at fixed voltage is governed by the equation,
Amps = Watts divided by Volts.
For example 12 (watts) divided by 12 (volts) = 1 amp

What is the purpose for using a relay on my spotlights?

Using a relay keeps the high current portion of the circuit away from the switch and pulls the current directly from the battery to your Purple Lights. The relay also allows you to tie your spotlights into a secondary 12-volt circuit such as your high/low beams or ignition.

How far does the light go?

The results of lights in tests vary greatly in the real world with different types of driving.
Ambient light in suburbia is very high so tests in this area are hard to quantify and we recommend a dark road or track to fully test the distances the light projects. The lighting distances described on our site are realistic in the various ambient conditions that existed when measured by us.

How do I wire my lights up?

We recommend that you use an Auto electrician otherwise failure to properly install your lighting systems may cause damage to your vehicle or the lighting systems which in turn may void your vehicle manufacturers as well as the Purple Industries’ product warranties.
In some cases it is possible to use existing installed 10-15 Amp wiring system to connect your lighting system.
However, on some occasions you may need to install heavier gauge wire as well as a 30Amp relay but we can help you with this, just give us a call.

How do I choose the right lights?

It’s easy. Analyse the kind of driving you do, or are going to do. The key is to build your lighting system so that you drive within it, no matter how slow or fast you drive. If the lights are being intended for slow driving 4X4 uses then you may lean towards a wide spread Flood pattern. Where as, if you’re more of an off-road, high-speed driver, then you might want to think in terms of powerful illumination that will throw light as far ahead as you need to see, given the speed at which you drive.
If this doesn’t help drop us a line and we will be glad to discuss your requirements with you.

Are there restrictions on mounting lights?

As noted above, the applicable laws, regulations and standards vary across Australia but as at October 2015 we understand that most applicable laws, regulations and standards stipulate that auxiliary lights must be mounted so that they do not protrude past the front or rear extremity of the vehicle on which they are fitted. In most cases, this will apply to either an after market fitted ‘bull bar’ or the vehicle’s factory fitted front and rear bumper bar.

Additionally, in most states and territories, existing laws, regulations and standards prohibit the mounting of Bar Lights above the vehicle bonnet line and roof mounted bar lights are not permitted at all.

Are these legal?

Irresponsible use of any light cannot only be dangerous but can also be illegal. Purple LED Lights are intended to be used as auxiliary lighting only.  Purple Industries make absolutely no representation in respect of whether the fitment and/or operation of our lighting systems are legal as the applicable laws, regulations and standards vary from state to state and territories in Australia.  

Accordingly, you warrant to us that you will fully inform yourself as to the legalities of fitting and operating our lighting systems to your vehicle and fully release and hold us harmless against any and all liability arising from or otherwise connected to any infringement or penalty incurred by you or a vehicle owner as a result of the fitting of our lighting systems on your vehicle.  

We have provided some Web links that contain more information that may assist in you understanding the laws, regulations and standards that may be relevant to the fitment and operation of auxiliary lighting on vehicles.

What is the difference between the Spot and Flood beams?

The flood light has a wider beam angle than the spot light, and generally does not travel as far.
By placing a spot light on the right hand of the vehicle and a flood light on the left.
You can take advantage if you wish of both attributes of the lights.

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